Just Laugh !

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

There are times when your tongue slips and say things that you don't even want to say. Your mind types so many stories and subjects but your mouth say the other things around. It may makes you look like an idiot but don't ever mind about it. I experienced the same thing. 

There are times when I feel awful and look like an idiot and people laugh at my clumsiness. I once took it as one of my weak points but I tried not to let my self confidence go down just because people seems to laugh and make jokes about it or some may look down on me. Reverse psychology. Use that to yourself and  put that as your uniqueness that other people don't have.

When people laugh, just laugh together with them. Don't ever take it to heart. Don't ever get mad about it. Trust me. It is so wasted to act out over small things. Celebrate it. People love it but they show it the other way around. Be optimist and cool about it. Life is too beautiful to throw tantrums and hold grudges when people make jokes about you. 

Fix any parts of you where you don't feel confident enough. Be better. Don't change or hate people just because there are parts of you where people find it funny. 

They love it actually. When you are not around, they will surely miss that. 

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