Sunday, October 09, 2016


Well hello there! *sweep dust uhuk uhuk! Hello? Anyone there? Of course not! It has been months my goodness what happened to me? Anyway, I'm feeling excited as my blog layout has a new face! Thanks to ehem my dearest soleh husband for helping me out!

I have this disease of not wanting to do something if it doesnt pleases me. Example my blog layout hasnt change since the first time I signed up for this blog! Imagine that. I somehow felt a bit unmotivated I can say because I dont feel energetic. You know sometimes there are things that boost up your spirit to do something. I feel happy now. The layout looks white and cleaner and neat! 

I finally decided to get back on track in writing. The skill goes a bit dusty tho. Bila lama tak menulis memang akan rasa semacam je yang tak kena. Biasalah, nak susun ayat lagi, nak cari topik lagi, nak make sure bila baca balik rasa fun. Plus, I can consider this as my journal. Unofficial one *duhh, perasannya!

Bila skrol balik post yang lama, rasa macam *hmm how should I put this. Rasa tak percaya ada like "did I wrote that?", and some I felt like "mann where have you been Aliah, I havent seen this side of you now where are you?". Rasa yang sama bila kita tengok diri kita balik yang positif, dan kita harap kita masih kekal dan ada rasa sebegitu. Tapi, people change and so do I. It feels good tho to recall back on those times. Few posts deleted because I feel ashamed of it bila baca! *hahaha so funny lah the old me.

I'm excited because I have so many things to share, so many topics to touch on and so many experiences that I would like to share. I personally love stories such as experiences because they are REAL! One by one and rasa macam pelik juga bila tak introduce apa apa then terus masuk macam macam cerita kan? Tak apa lah. Slow-slow, mudahan apa yang ditulis bawa kebaikan dan semoga menjadi saham akhirat ye dak?

Jumpa nanti lah kita story lebih sikit. 

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