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Monday, January 22, 2018

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Loving

"By mindfully choosing our habits, we harness the power of mindlessness as a sweeping force for serenity, energy and growth. Better than before! It's what we all want".
-Gretchen Rubin (Better Than Before)

Assalamualaikum everyone!

MashaaAllah it has truly been a while! Today is Monday, 22nd of January 2018. The last update was last year in September 2017.

Being a human being, has definitely make me sometimes a selfless person, ignorant, not care about other things and much more. I have been away for quite some time. Taking my time to really learn about myself. The changes that are happening in my life. Above all, it's all about me--wanting to become a better person, a better servant to Allah. As it says when you become a better servant to Allah and mend a better relationship with HIM, will HE then takes good care of your other relationships. I somehow object that long time ago not seeing it in another perspective. Thinking it is not like that. No wonder my life has been a hay-wired ones with everyone.

However, it changes my perspective on that matter by doing it and seeing it for myself how Allah really helps me with my relationships with other people. Even not with the same one, Allah has replaced them with a better ones. Often I experienced heartbreaks in relationships with people thinking I was the cause, I was the bad person and all faults were on me. Not knowing that Allah was actually giving me lessons where HE wanted me to be a better person. To pull me out from those who did not get me closer to HIM by any means.

Life is such a roller-coaster ride, isn't it?

I have lived for 28 years in this world. At the age of 24 only I discovered Allah spiritually meaning I really feel him in whatever that I do, and I can somehow talk to him directly whenever I want. Example, to tell him how my days were, to ask help when I'm in need--all done verbally and by intentions and not solely when I have to pray on the mat. You know? Like how you converse with your best friends at any time that you want? The same goes to me. Starting from 24 up until today, I am seeking for the purpose in life. The final destination that I want to go by bridging this world as the mean of reaching to Allah.

Isn't that beautiful? Allah has touched me--my heart to go back to HIM at the age of 24. Through all those years, I fought hard with myself. Still am fighting to stand firm with the faith and to have that strong affirmation that all I did were/are for Allah and to remind myself this is temporary.

It is hard. That's why this world is just our worldly matters where we will be tested again and again. All that--because Allah loves us. It ain't easy but it will be easy if we have strong faith in HIM. Which we really need to uphold and purify our intention daily.

This is truly a deep and emotionally close to me kinda update. Because the start of something new is always the hardest. Why? Because you need to be consistent. That's it. Consistent. I am saying this because I have so many things that I want to do in 2018. Somehow a new embark for me to challenge myself in so many new things and the most important thing is to be consistent--to always purify my intention and it's all because of Allah. To do everything for the sake of Allah. There's nothing or no one else that we need to please only for the One and Only Allah.

New update for my blog:

InshaaAllah I have many plans to do for my blog (May this be my share for akhirah, aminn).

1) So here it goes! InshaaAllah I'll be posting regularly with different topics or sharing or knowledge that I gained with everyone. Sharing is caring right? This plan will really make my day busier! Please pray hard for me! I need duaa!

2) Every Mondays and Fridays, I'll update my blog. Somehow like love letters. Isn't it nice to receive a letter and read it? Gahhh! I need to bring back my box full with letters which i really cherished all my life! I'm old school like that mind me.

So there you go. Mondays and Fridays. Why Mondays and Fridays? Monday is day of the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Friday is the day that I really hoped to die on--merely because I want it.

Make duaa for me and I'll see you in my next post! 

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