Friday, May 11, 2018

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious Most Loving

To be honest, the Judgement Day is nearing the end. It's either we realized it or not. Have we prepared ourselves properly? Have we given our heart and soul on working to the wins of Islam or not? Have we really worked our hardest to put Islam on the World Map thus achieving peace and only the good things that we want to see and feel?

But before that, there will be several biggest last obstacles that we have going to go through before we can really declare our wins. We all know what are they right? If we forget, we can always check back our notes on that. 

Are we fully prepared for that? Have we purified our intentions and faith together with Shahadah confirming that we only obey Allah and believe that our Prophet is our Messenger and nothing else?

Have we checked all that?

It is time to ponder everything and be a new us in welcoming a happy ending for all of us. 

May Allah lead us to HIS way, never let us go astray and to be the chosen ones to see HIM, to be happily with HIM closer than we can ever think of.

I want to be closer to You Ya Allah. I want to come back home seeing You and for You to be proud of me when I come home to You.

Ramadhan, I miss You. Let me fully prepare myself to the best condition that I can be.

See you.

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