Friday, May 11, 2018
In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious Most Loving

To be honest, the Judgement Day is nearing the end. It's either we realized it or not. Have we prepared ourselves properly? Have we given our heart and soul on working to the wins of Islam or not? Have we really worked our hardest to put Islam on the World Map thus achieving peace and only the good things that we want to see and feel?

But before that, there will be several biggest last obstacles that we have going to go through before we can really declare our wins. We all know what are they right? If we forget, we can always check back our notes on that. 

Are we fully prepared for that? Have we purified our intentions and faith together with Shahadah confirming that we only obey Allah and believe that our Prophet is our Messenger and nothing else?

Have we checked all that?

It is time to ponder everything and be a new us in welcoming a happy ending for all of us. 

May Allah lead us to HIS way, never let us go astray and to be the chosen ones to see HIM, to be happily with HIM closer than we can ever think of.

I want to be closer to You Ya Allah. I want to come back home seeing You and for You to be proud of me when I come home to You.

Ramadhan, I miss You. Let me fully prepare myself to the best condition that I can be.

See you.


Friday, March 09, 2018
In The Name of Allah the Most Gracious Most Loving

"When confronted with a difficult decision, we can be like deer in headlights: dazed and unable to choose a direction"
-Reader's Digest

Decisions, thoughts and challenges.

These three siblings are the fundamental of life that we encounter in our every day life. To withstand the challenges faced, to govern our thoughts in an orderly and wise manner in order to make the most sane decisions of everything.

From the smallest to the biggest things, we have to make decisions. But how do we really know that it's the wise decision that we have decided to do?

Up until today, I still wonder and doubt some of my decisions, thinking am I going to the right decision in life? Just a ponder you know. I believe Allah is The Best of Planners and He has planned the best story line for each and everyone of us. It's just that sometimes we did the silliest things in life which make us regrets-that-you-can-never-forget-and-hoping-not-to-do-it. But that is life tho. We did, we learned and we move forward not repeating the same mistakes over again.

For example, deep down inside, I know I am hardworking and smart. But I did not give my best during my school years which made me regrets a bunch! But from there I realized my passion or my main thing that I can do and like in this life.

I love language, I love music, I am a person with a deep sentimental values over everything that I see, hear, feel, easy to easy--everything that surrounds me.

I get attached too easily. I get emotionally affected easily. Imagine if I were to become a doctor, I don't think I'll be sane in another 3 months. 

But writing, makes me feel me. I'm free to express myself, my opinions, my ideas and somehow I love how writing can touch a person's heart--even to cold ones.

Have I made a mistake over decisions that I chose?

Yes. I do regret up until today and there were those which I'm glad I did the mistake.

Why? Because one of them was the reason why I started to be much closer to my Creator, My Love--Allah.

To be honest, I am still struggling with my thoughts, my challenges and the decisions that I have to make every single day. Above all that, I strongly feeling assured that I have Allah with me all the time to guide me in making the best out of my life. Tipu kalau kata tak nervous. Nervous kot! Cabaran yang Allah nak bagi bukan sebarang calang. Kata nak dekat dengan Allah, kata nak syurga Allah--tak kental la kalau cabaran tu ciput ye tak?

Allah Allah moga dikuatkan hati, diberi ketabahan.

I hope all of you feel the same way too. To always be determined and be stronger each and every day. InshaaAllah, see you in the next post!


Friday, February 23, 2018
In The Name of Allah the Most Merciful Most Loving

"To love something is to know about it first. 
Slowly, you will soon fall in love with it".

How was your Friday? 

Mine has been a hectic ones but trying to keep up with the pace of the long to-do-lists. I was preparing the lists of the topic on what I would like to write on my blog and suddenly this came to mind. English Language. I was thinking too hard without knowing that this topic would be really interesting to share. Something that is close to me. Something that I like and love--language.

I'm a pure Malay and of course my Malay Language is my mother tongue and I'm proud of it. But to be able to learn more than one language is such an opportunity for me. I always have this kind of respect to those who is bilingual and even more for the multilingual people. You people are smart you know! Learning the mother tongue is a hassle already but another language? Mannn! That's something!

So, how I first started to learn English? First it is a requirement at schools here in Malaysia to learn about English Language and it is in the syllabus, in exams and I can say most Malaysians speak English as the second language here. Anyhow, we are like "forced" to learn it at first but eventually it comes in handy though.

My father is the one who is responsible in opening the doors for me to English language. Why do I say so? Because he speaks English at home. I have always known that my father is a very good speaker, he attended school which use English as the main language back in the 70's. I have grown attached to seeing him speaks to his friends, enabling him to speak to strangers or anyone freely in English. You know? Like not for the sake of exams but to be able to speak the language because you CAN!.

From there, I always asked my parents to buy me English storybooks. I was introduced to Enid Blyton. I have more than 10 books of hers and I can say that they helped a lot in nurturing the love of English in me. Whenever I found new words, I searched for the meaning in the dictionary. Not to brag but I was the top 5 in my class in essay writing. 
Heh heh heh. *astaghfirullah, hands down and head down.

What books do I like to read? Well, everything. But not the serial killer thingy or so. I don't really like it. Here's why. I am such a sensitive and emotional person which easily get attached to something and it takes a while to thrust the emotion after I finished my reading.

To me, once I have finished reading a book, it'll take me weeks or a month to fully detached myself from the characters and story of a book that I just read. Susah kan? I know, but that's me.

How do I practice English?

Speak - By just reading and not speaking, you will not move forward in mastering the language. Language itself is a skill and by speaking, you are training yourself to implement everything that you learned. Speaking is important because this is where you identify your errors in speaking. I speak with my father sometimes. I speak with my friends at school but not to all. Like when I was in primary school, I had my eyes on this one group of Chinese and Indian students and I took the challenge to introduce myself to them and there I was, speaking English like nobody's business! Ahhh! What a memory. I believe by speaking, I was able to really use the language to its fullest.

Write and Read - I love books. I read tonnes of English books. I read from any kinds of genres. Right after, I write. My daily routine is, I have to discipline myself to write everyday even just a few lines. So that, I will have my writing skills polished and I'm able to use new vocabs that I found. If I don't write, I feel empty.

To Think, Write, and Talk in English - This will always be my favourite advice from my father. He reminded me this when I told him it's too hard to master the language. Now, I'm able to do so. Just switch the codes (of Malay and English) from time to time and you're good to go.

Write a review or monologue - This is what I do up until today. Serious talk. I write anything in my journal, basically about any books, articles, stories that I have read or watched. I monologue to myself of what do I feel at the moment or any random things. It's like I'm talking to a friend but I'm not but anyhow, I know Allah is listening and that's why I like it even more :)

Watch movies with/without the subtitles - I started with the English subtitle first, then I removed it and watch again many times till I can easily understand the words and even the jokes! That's the highest achievement for me! To understand jokes in another language! Hihihihi.

Study the language - This is basically what I do from time to time. I bought several grammar books and do the exercises from time to time. True enough, you'll learn more, make less errors and be even better in that language.

Listen to English songs - This is my favourite. It is also the major influence after my father. I learned English basically from English songs. Enables me to learn new vocabulary, to learn the sentence structures, understand the story-line of a song and to be able to connect myself to it.

I wanted to learn Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and many more you know. Sighh.

I hope these tips will help you in nurturing any languages that you are learning at the moment.

Till then, I'll see you in my next post, inshaaAllah! Take care and I love you. You are the best!