Thursday, January 17, 2013

14 November 2012, Rabu; 11:10 malam.

Bisikan lembut menyapa kalbu,
Berkata indah berlagu merdu.

Dicari digapai,
Namun masih terkapai,
Ibarat dilambung badai.

Sang Pencipta itu lebih tahu,
Kira hambaNYA terdampar lesu,
Dek hamparan ujian yang hadir satu persatu.

Cahaya itu tidak datang berlari,
Bahkan tidak pula ia tiba secara “free”,
Dirimu itu perlu berpenat lelah mencari.

Pergilah dikau pergi,
Teroka semula fitrah kejadian diri,
Sesungguhnya kita semua akan kembali,
Di sisi AL-Khaliq yang hakiki.

Jangan dibiar diri hanyut terlalu lama. Rohani diri makin terseksa dek titik-titik hitam dosa yang rakus bermaharajalela. Saat batin diri terasa sakit, segeralah kembali kepadaNYA.

Menangislah, mengadulah sepuas-puasnya. Sesungguhnya, di situ letaknya ketenangan diri yang indah tak terkata. Cinta Allah Yang Maha Esa. Cinta yang membatasi segala cinta yang ada di dunia. 

Segera bangkit, segera berlari ! DIA setia menanti, menerima dirimu yang selalu dirindui.
Ya, Tuhanmu merinduimu. Pegang rasa itu; kerana tidak selalu ia akan berada di situ. 
Photo and editing by me
Self Update


Thursday, January 17, 2013
Assalamualaikum everyone !

Phewhh ~ It has been quite a while since I last wrote here am I? Yes I am. I had just finished my first semester of my Degree. Time flies fast. During that period of time, I don't even have time to think on what to blog. 1 semester takes about 4 to 5 months including the final examinations. What I can conclude is that, my first semester is not that excellent. 

Why? Because I did not reach my aim or goal that I have set once I stepped into the University. I can say I am upset with myself. I am not satisfied with what I did. There are lots of emotions mixed together.  Have you ever had that kind of feeling where you are not proud of yourself for not giving your best when you know you can? Yes. I felt that.

I learn a lot. I am now on my semester break for 4 weeks. Holiday! My second semester will start on 3rd of March 2013. Still, I'm a 1st year student. There is another 2 years to go. InshaAllah.

How should I put this. Hmm..

I tend to loose my focus easily. Yes, I am easily distracted but once I'm into something, don't even dare to grab my hand and run. I'll be the one who runs away from you first. Hihi. There are lots of things that are tangled inside here. *pointing to my head*. Lets just conclude it this way :

I need to change. I need to start doing and not just planning.

I miss photography. I miss walking around the park. I miss the beach. I miss.... everything. I miss.... myself. Dear self, how are you doing?

Photo and editing by me

Wait. I have tonnes of stories and thoughts to share. Perhaps, my 4 weeks holiday will be spent majorly on writing aite? *smirk*.

Have a good day ahead everyone !