#2 - Marwan

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Lia, kau ada duit tak? Kau jangan tipu aku. Kau tu senyap je entah-entah kau berlapar. Meh aku bank-in duit sikit. Kau makan. Tau?".


"Tak apa mat. Ayah baru bagi duit ni. Lega sikit rasa. Minggu lepas je berlapar. Hehe. Thanks mat. Simpan duit kau tu. Tau?".

The most caring. The most warm-hearted person who never wants to see his family/friends in trouble or in a situation where he cannot bear to watch. He will do anything and help with his utmost effort to make sure that everyone is in good condition. He always, and always will give his best.

I miss you mat. I miss you so much.

Muhammad Marwan bin Mazlan

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