Thursday, February 23, 2012


There were too many things to write about this man. A book will not gonna fit in as well. As this man has been giving a lot to me even before I was born until today and maybe until I'm married and have kids. Who knows. The love of a father can't be explained. They seems rare in showing off the love to their kids but it is powerful. Believe me when I say they are.

I inherit a lot from both of my parents. Ayah's passion in music when he was young was passed down to me without I even realized it. I have big passion in music but I guess ayah didn't want me to be "lagha" as he always said. But still, deep down in my heart I want to learn it someday. I do think I am good at it. Ayah, please let me.

Guess who I inherit the ability to take good photos from? :) Ayah, I can't thank you more for this 22 years of my life. You know how much I love you and how proud I am to be your daughter. I have a lot of flaws and I know I let you down so many times but trust me, I'm giving all I can just to make you proud of me onwards. Thank you Allah for giving this loving and caring father to me. I am blessed Ya Allah to have him. I love you so much ayah. I love you.


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  1. Salam Aliah,
    I am so happy to hear from you as your father is a good friend of mine. We went a long way back sharing our teenage life - growing up and learning to be what we are today. I am not sure if we have met but I can assure you that you are making your father a proud person.
    I take pictures so I can translate my thought into images. Most of them have stories and more often than not - I am the only person that understands. Your father is a fine man and you've definitely inherited a lot from him. You can visit my site www.jusni.com as I spend more time on Flickr than blogging. I am sharing my pictures in Trek Nature and Trek Earth as well. It is therapeutic for me to click the shutter as if the stress goes away with every click. Fell free to drop a line on Flickr so that I can return the visit to your beautiful pictures. My regards to friend Mazli and have a nice day.

  2. Wassalam uncle.

    Ayah told us lots of stories about you and him and the memories back then. Ayah do want me to learn about photography and what makes a good photo. It isn't just about a picture but the story behind that tells. You really do inspires me Uncle Jusni. Yes, I've visited your site and often goes there. InsyaAllah I'll make one to keep in touch with you and with your photography works.

    Thank you so much uncle for your words. Give me faith in becoming one that ayah can be proud of. Yes, we met once and had late supper together with your wife :) I hope we can have the chance to meet again. Who knows one day there'll be a chance where I can go and take photos of the nature and the people together with you. It'll be such an honour. Will do uncle and have a nice day as well.