Away from Social Media - Doesn't Hurt Right?

Saturday, January 27, 2018

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious, The Most Loving

Being away for a while doesn't hurt right?

What do you usually do when you wake up early in the morning? Nothing? Tell me no lies darlings. Almost like a habit that you do when you wake up rather than going straight to the bathroom getting ready for Fajr prayer, there is something that automatically leads you to it.

Your cellphone. 

Checking messages, checking the social media updates, checking other things that somehow became a routine that is unbreakable. Why? Because we have set our mind to it. To do it and not to break it into a better habit. I have read about this somewhere that rather you unlock your cellphone early in the morning, go straight away to the bathroom and get ready for the Fajr prayer. 

Why? To meet our Creator. The One who created you and me. The One who plans your day, either it will be a good or bad ones (of course depending on your effort and prayers too in hoping to have a bad or good day). Doesn't it feel refreshed to meet Allah above all than checking a gadget which is totally created by humans which we know are full with flaws?

That really opened my eyes on how I lead my life. I have been depending on the cellphone because of social media things all my life just because I want to be the first to know about something without knowing that I have been putting Allah behind it all. What a shameless act I have done all this while.

Don't you feel shy to HIM? Now to think about it, I do feel shy. Like A LOT till I feel like wanting to hide myself somewhere just because I'm so shy towards Allah.

But did HE ruin your day just because we didn't make HIM our first priority? No. Instead, HIM being the Ar-Rahman (The Most Merciful), will love us even more and gives us so much rezq and good things. MashaaAllah. I am feeling shy with HIM even more while typing this.

How ignorant I am to HIM all this while.

Being away for a while from this social media definitely won't hurt which it may directly or indirectly affect our hearts' condition may it be for jealousy, greed, unhappy for others, wanting to look good only in the eyes of the human, showing everything that we have in the name of sharing doesn't make you a better person. All this will not be a problem if we have a proper intention on creating the social media platforms in the first place. On other meaning, to have us to purify our intention/niyyah every single day and in every single thing that we do.

Try and have your days off from the social media world and find the goodness in your everyday life. Get engaged with people in real life more rather than the online world where you can't even feel the warmth of the person.

Get yourself away from:
*uncertainty (no-factual news, no proof-based stories)

In other words, silent is better. If you have no other good things to show or say, better to keep silence as it will lead to more negativity than positivity. 

There're several ayahs in the Quran in surah Al-Mu'minum (23:1, 23:2, 23:3) that say about turn away from ill speech:

English Translation:

The believers have indeed attained true success (1) Those who, in their Prayers, humble themselves (2) Who avoid whatever is vain and frivolous (3)

Malay Translation:

Sesungguhnya beruntunglah orang-orang yang beriman (1) (Iaitu) orang-orang yang khusyuk dalam solatnya (2) Dan orang-orang yang menjauhkan diri dari (perbuatan dan perkataan) yang tiada berguna (3)

I'm reminding myself first and foremost and please make duaa for me!

InshaaAllah I'll see you in my next post!

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