Are You There? I Am Still Here

Monday, March 07, 2016

Assalamualaikum Marwan.

I found myself crying over memories of you. 

I used to tell all my stories and worries to you. Till one time I stopped doing that thinking I can survive on my own but I was wrong. I dont get the chance to spend our time together talking non stop about our worries, dreams, new things that we learned, hopes and the list never stops. Right Marwan?

I realized I tend to keep lots of things to myself and I found it hard to let it out because I hardly have the strength to tell all without crying. Remember whenever we talk, I'll cry at the end of the line?

No one knows how big your impact in my life was. BIG enough till I always feels the pain in the chest for not being able to let everything out. Suffocated enough that I always cry thinking of how much I miss you. 

Never one day I miss of sending my gift to you; Al Fatihah Marwan. Never I miss a day. I hope you get all my gifts everyday and you will be happy and loved there Marwan. I really do.

Allahurabbi, Allahu Ya Rahman, I miss this servant of yours dearly. Dearly I miss...

Muhammad Marwan bin Mazlan | 1990-2014
Al - Fatihah

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