Shed The Burden

Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Today I managed to shed off some old clothes and unworn clothes of mine to be given to charity. I feel light. As if the burden are shed off from my shoulders. I have been wanting to let go all a while a go but I didnt  work hard enough to find my own time amidst the busy everyday life schedule of a housewife.

But I did it. I did shed off some of my clothes. My closet looks neat and tidy.  I feel content. I feel light.

When I look back on what I did today, cleaning my closet, I imagine if I can shed off my burden in this world just as easy as that. Isnt it great? But I know it can never be easy. As known, this world is just temporary. We can never neglect what have been assigned to us in this world. As a servant, as a human, as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother and the list never ends. Our rights, other people's right on us and many more. We have so many things to do.

I am juggling here and there with myself and with the so-called burden that I have. To make it positive and more motivated, I change the "burden" to "challenge". Any challenge somehow can become a burden if the person is not able to finish it. And so do I. I always look at things as burdens and I tend to be negative towards it. It is hard. To change into something that I can take things positively and be patience towards it.

To mend broken pieces that I have before this is truly a hard work and I pray/ed a lot that Allah s.w.t will always help me go through it till the end.

Pray for me!

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