Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Yes, I married at 24 and became a mother at 25.  All seems pretty quick to me because I do not expect and plan to have baby that early. Like 1/2 weeks after our marriage *palm face. Hehe. But alhamdulillah all praise to Allah The Most Loving. HE knows exactly when to allow a baby to live inside me for 9 months. If HE says early, then early it is for me. I was expecting to have some alone moments with my husband first because we dont date and got married straight away so I thought that maybe I can have that "dating" moment with him before we decided to have babies. But nahhh! It didnt happen that way. 

The reason I didnt expect for early baby was because I was still a student at that time. Moreover, I was in my final year. Final year ladies and gentleman. What else would I ask other than to have a 100% focus and to graduate with the best class. That 1 year transition of becoming a wife and a mother is not easy. Tak mudah dan sangat mencabar lagi-lagi dari segi emosi. Hormones imbalance, endless assignments, living far from husband were such a torture for me at that time. No one can really say "I feel you" unless they are facing the same situation. Even my friends said they were really worried if I can handle the pressure and advising me to take a year off meaning I have to extend my semester. Ohho NO its not happening. 

I am more willing to go through the process rather than to just sit, relax and not studying with the same classmates ever again. I do not want to make my pregnancy as an "excuse" for me to sit back and do nothing. I would love to experience it. Plus, when will I ever experience being pregnant while studying right? 

Masa remaja muda-mudi dulu pernah la terniat juga nak merasa mengandung waktu belajar walaupun masa tu tak tahu kahwin dengan siapa, kahwin umur berapa dan macam-macam lagi. Tak sangka la niat tu pun kalau selalu niat, jadi doa, bila doa inshaaAllah Allah makbul ye tak? Hehe *gatai please

The process that I went through up until now is a process that I myself couldnt really digest well because it happened too fast and I barely have time to sit and reflex. 

Engage (still studying)
Married (still studying)
Pregnant (still studying)
Deliver baby (still studying and I was in the middle of having to present my thesis some more!)

I am smirking right now thinking back on the long journey that I had *because I still think its crazy! I experienced most of it while I was pregnant. What a gift Subhanallah and I am grateful to be the chosen one tho I honestly must say that it is HARD. 

I can only pray to be given the strength and help to get through each phase one by one. Thus, I am so excited to share the journey from A to Z plus some tips, advices, experiences and many more. I did write on my book but to document it here would not be a harm anyway!

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