Friday, September 07, 2012

Syawal this year has been one of the happiest syawal I've experienced so far. Not to the content of happiness laughing here and there, eating here and there, taking pictures/selcas here and there BUT the content of the heart spiritually. My Ramadhan this year has been valuable/too precious. I don't think I can describe them in words.

It's been a while too since I last updated my dear diary here. Too many time spent for myself I can say.

"Being alone for a while and the taste of silence is beyond everything that is wonderful in this world. Being alone with Allah is the best time ever. Allah is amazing"

-Aliah Athirah Mazli, September 2012- 
3 families only out of 8 family di pagi Raya. Still, the barakah was strongly presence.
These women up here are all amazing.
Indah I can say :')
Daughters of Toknyang Ahmad. Sisters :) Tok with her beloved sister, Tokteh.

Last but not least, khatam al-Quran di Kampung Pulau Rusa usually on the 2nd day of Syawal.

Head of the family, Tokki Othman :)
Majlis khatam al-Quran is mainly on after Subuh prayer. This is what Tokki said, "Kuliah Dhuha lah kiranya ni". Hihi. His sons, daughters, son in-laws, daughter in-laws, grandsons and granddaughters were all gathered together to listen to his kuliyyah.

He is a great man with great responsibility of uniting us the family and making the bond between each other growing stronger inshaAllah not just here in dunya but also in Jannah. If God wills.

Tok and Tokki <3
Everytime I set my eyes on them, I believe love can last forever dunia akhirat if the love is based on wanting to get Allah's redha solely. I remember Tokki once said this:

" It all started with just me and Tok (his wife), and now you can see how this family expand beautifully and gracefully with love, rahmah, barakah. Kalau Allah redha, inshaAllah good things will come eventually. Pokok pangkal, cinta itu hanya kerana Allah dan untuk mendapatkan redhaNya semata-mata ". 

I can say, pinjaman terindah di dunia ini adalah mempunyai keluarga seindah mereka semua. I don't ask for any other things in this world. Seeing my big family is enough to gratefully thank Allah for all of HIS blessings. Subhanallah, this is just too beautiful.

" Ya Allah, syukur ku panjatkan kepadaMu atas pinjamanMu kepadaku di dunia yang serba serbi indah ini. Kau Yang Maha Indah. Aku bahagia. Bahagia adanya mereka disisi. Kau limpahkan lah rahmatMu dan kesihatan kepada mereka semua. InshaAllah. Aminn Ya Rabbal Alamin "

-Aliah Athirah Mazli, September 2012-  

Nota kaki: Semua di dunia hanya lah pinjaman semata. Sedarkan diri tentang itu setiap hari setiap masa agar tidak timbul sedikit rasa riya', ujub, takbur dan yang sewaktu dengannya. Nauzubillah. Wallahua'alam. 

Credit pictures to Mohd Saffuan Aroff a.k.a Wawan the cousin :) Thank you wawan! 

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  1. Terharu baca dan tgk gambar2 posting Aliah yang ni.. May Allah grant Tok and Tokki Jannatul Firdaus in the hereafter. Amin.