Sunday, October 07, 2012

" Every life has a soundtrack. All you have to do is listen " - Jodi Picoult

Each of us has our own soundtracks. I have mine. So do yours. Each soundtracks represent an episode of our life that happens either well-planned or unexpectedly. Of course, everything is planned beautifully by our Creator. The rest of the stories depends on us on how are we going to nurture and paint them. Are we painting them dully with only black and white color? Or are we going to paint them amazingly with colorful colors that makes you yourself and other people smile just by looking at them.

We have that power on planning our stories. Not to forget, as we plan, HE plans as well :) Be ambitious and at the same time be humble to Allah and work together with HIM. Do as what HE says and inshaAllah good things will come eventually. We can never expect and when the unexpected things occured when you least hoped, that is going to be the best feeling ever. HE knows best after all. 

Footnote: Things are falling into its place perfectly with obstacles and HIS barakah at the same time. May HE give me the strength to keep on moving with HIS guidance. Allah, only to You I put all my trust and hopes. InshaAllah.

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