Tudung Merah Jambu

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bila Allah izin, ada hikmahnya.
Bila Allah tak izin, ada hikmahnya.

There are times where things don't usually go as what we wanted / wished for. We hoped and somehow put the possibility of that "something" to happen on us--like we are the one who will make that happen. 

Think back and istighfar. Allah is the one who MAKE things happen as HE pleasures.

None of the things in this world happens without any reasons plus if the leaves falls, there are reasons behind it. Allah who made that happen.

To you my dear tudung merah jambu,

Thank you. I know there must be a reason why Allah let you come and HE gave the permission for you to be there--close to me.

I am grateful for that. I love you fillah. Till we meet again inshaAllah dear tudung merah jambu.

O Allah, only to You I put all my hopes to.

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