#3 - Marwan

Sunday, December 21, 2014

"Lia, jangan pernah fikir tak ada orang sayangkan kau. Semua orang sayang kau. Allah ada kan. Keluarga ada kan. Keluarga kita besar kot. Close lagi. Semua care pasal kau. Aku pun care pasal kau. Aku sayang kau lia. Ingat tu. 

Kawan-kawan apa lah sangat kalau takat buat langsi dengan kau. Kawan datang. Kawan pergi. InshaAllah, ada lah nanti kawan-kawan yang memang kawan dengan kau sebab engkau. Okay? Senyum. Nanti malam aku hantar lagu aku main gitar dekat kau. On YM!".

*conversation around year 2004/2005

There are times where I am facing with my teenage-rebellious-period-where-backstabbing-is-spreading-wildly. School times, teenage age, hmm what else can be related with me finding myself and I am at the stage of knowing people and choosing the right friends to be with.

This man, this young man here never fails to keep me stronger and believe that whatever happens when there is no one who wants to be friends with me, I have my family to turn to besides Allah. I have him; my dearest closest cousin to talk to.

Mat, I dream of you mat. I miss you so much.

Muhammad Marwan bin Mazlan

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