Sunday, August 27, 2017

27th February 2015 (Friday)

A sharing from Ayah dearest.

I shared something with Ayah. Not soon after, my phone rang giving a sign that a message is received. I opened it and started to wonder and without me knowing-- I teared up.

"In this world, just put on your smile when you come to notice of any shortcomings of yourselves and your spouses. We are indeed a reflection of a bountifully imperfect creature. Making lots and lots of mistakes. Unto Allah we seek forgiveness and to HIM we fully surrender".

Have you ever wondered if this is the life that you want to live in?

Do you think you are growing and living a life that you dreamed of since you were 10 years old? Having those dreams and thoughts of what kind of path you want to go and what kind of person you want to be?

To hope that everything that you planned goes smooth sailing without any hurdles and trials? To hope that whatever shortcomings you faced will not be as a hard nut to crack on? 

I do. 
I wonder and wondered till this day.

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