Friday, October 21, 2016

May Allah S.W.T showers us with HIS blessings and barakah.

Other main reason why I would like to be active in writing and blogging as one of the mediums, is because I would like to read it whenever I want to without worrying it gets burn, tear apart or any bad means. Because Internet, once we posted something, it stays there permanently. So be wise while using it, "klik dengan bijak" (okay iklan). Plus, it will be interesting if any of my family members can read and reminisce back about anything that I write. Especially my parents, my siblings, my husband and my son (when he wants to know more about his mother). Isn't that lovely? 

Saya memang suka berimaginasi perkara yang indah, perkara yang mampu buat saya sendiri rasa terharu dan bergenang airmata (sendiri buat diri sendiri menangis).

Marriage story with my husband is something that I have NEVER imagined. Why? Because I am married to the person that I don't really like in terms of who he is which I am wrong because I don't really know him by means how his family knows him. Boleh kata kalau nampak atau dengar nama dia, saya secara naturally akan mendengus "Oh, that guy lagi, boring and who the heck is he?". *note to concern this was me 8 years ago yang penuh dengan sangkaan yang tak baik, aduhh Nauzubillah.

I started my life in University in 2008, when I was 19 years old. I entered University a bit late because I was working after SPM which I dont intend to further study because I love my job at that time - A Personal Assistant to the Dean of Kulliyyah of Dentistry, UIAM Kuantan Campus. Who wants to let go of that position right? But I decided to further my study when my former boss, Dato' Termidzi urged me to further my study with one sentence only - "education is what will make you useful to other people who is in need". 

And so, I entered UiTM Jengka Campus taking Diploma in Office Management & Technology (OM114) , the code at that time. Quite famous course ni I'm not sure myself why but maybe because the course insist the student to always groom themselves to look neat and presentable as we are going to work in a corporate setting later on.

It was 2008 I entered the Campus. On 2009, the students are required to attend a programme which is compulsory for every semester in order to complete the Diploma. When I was in my 2nd semester, I attended the programme. It is more like a one day course to motivate you, to brief about what to expect in the working life later on. The students will be divided to groups which included varieties of students from different courses. 

This is the time where I met my husband. He was in the same group with me.

I noticed him but I don't really pay attention to him that much. Because I was with someone else (read boyfriend) at that time. I remembered that he wore a black T-shirt, jeans with a spectacle. Typical look for nerd student (kahkah). He looks like a Chinese and he does look like one.

The programme ends. So does the moment that I have with him during that one-day programme. No eye contact, no conversation made. End.

I go through my days like usual, study, exams, tests and so on. But because Jengka Campus at that time is not that big eventhough it is big but you will eventually meet the same person and I can say I can recognize the students from my batch. OH ya, my husband and I are from the same batch - 2008.

I did see him from time to time like bumped into each other at programmes, bumped into each other at 'bandar', bumped into each other with our friends and thats it. Sekadar bumped into with a simple waving or hye-ing. I do have his cell number at that time but I just saved it and had several conversations mainly on friends matters. Member punya hal and so on so forth. Then the number stays there for years of not contacting each other.

Completed my Diploma on 2011. Ended my 2++ years cintan cintun relationship. End.

On 2012, I further my study at UiTM Shah Alam for my Degree. Taking Bach (Hons.) Applied Language (English for Professional Communication). Had my classes, usrah, programmes. I took quite some time alone after Diploma because that was the time I was battling with my inner self to be a better me (hijrah). I packed my schedule with activities from dawn till midnight so that I have nothing to worry for the world and only care for my akhirah.

Nearing the end of 2012, somehow saya tersalah tekan nombor tanpa tengok nombor siapa. 

"beep, beep".

"Assalamualaikum". Rasa nak berderai jantung masa tu. Lelaki mana pulak ni angkat telefon. Tengok skrin NADZRUL NORAJA. Allahuakbar. Rasa nak pengsan. Bila masa pulak ada nombor dia lagi ni. Terkubur lama dalam contact list.

We had few chats on asking how are you and what are your updates. He said that lama tak nampak dekat Twitter dan Facebook. I told him I deleted all the accounts. And he said all the best for your Degree.

After several months

One day, he texted me asking about my status. Which means dah berpunya atau tidak. I said no. And he started tell me what his intentions was. I said give me some time to think and pray.

After several months from the day he texted me, I gave him my answer.

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